Drivers wondering how to renew car registration by mail can simply send the bottom part of the MV-3 or OP-3 NY vehicle registration renewal notice to the address printed on the notification.

Include payment in the form of a personal check or money order, made payable to "Commissioner of Motor Vehicles." If you lost your auto registration renewal notice or never received one, print and complete Form MV-82D, Application for Duplicate / Renewal Registration and send it along with your payment to: New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Utica Processing Center P. Box 359 Utica, NY 13503 Active duty military members who have an expired car registration while they are stationed out-of-state will have their registrations automatically extended for up to 60 days after their return to New York.

Note: If your address has changed since your last vehicle registration renewal, change the address online before filing the renewal.

If your name has changed, you can still renew car registration online, but the new registration will be printed with your previous name.

Most residents can renew car registration online in NY, but there are several exceptions.

Vehicle registration renewal applicants who have a "no fee" registration, a vehicle that requires proof of insurance or a tax certificate at each renewal, or for-hire vehicles such as taxis are among those who cannot renew registrations online.

New York DMV vehicle registration renewal notices are sent at least one month before the expiration date.

Drivers must submit NY auto registration renewal documents before the expiration date printed on the notice.

In-person New York vehicle registration renewals are handled by a network of DMV offices located throughout the state.

Drivers who renew car registration in person must bring an MV-3 or OP-3 registration renewal notice to the DMV along with their fee payment.

It is illegal to drive with an expired car registration, and drivers who miss the renewal deadline will also have to pay late fees.