Don’t forget that many companies will charge you a first month’s deposit and a one-time set-up fee when turning on your utilities at your new house.

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Use the months and weeks before your move to purge & declutter.

The less stuff you have, the less you have to pack and move.

Even though you’re going to be super busy, make sure to take a little time to talk to your kids and help ease any fears and anxieties they may have.

These children’s books about moving, like Bella and Stella Come Home, Katie Moves, and Boomers Big Day are a great way to start the conversation with young children.

Basically, it does all of the thinking for you so you can stress less and just check things off one at a time.

Basically, if you’re moving, you NEED to get your hands on this ready-to-print binder.

Not only does this free you from having to be the moving day “traffic director,” but it also gets all of the boxes in the right rooms from the beginning so you don’t have to do more heavy-lifting once your helpers have left.

If you really want to get organized, keep a moving inventory of what’s inside each box as you pack.

Keep in mind that many companies won’t set up service over the weekend so you’ll want to call to schedule and make arrangements well in advance.