Been in this for 10 years and probably time to cash out of the casino for a while. Never caught anything but that's just dumb luck, no skill on my part (though I would always go home and shower and pee and dip it in listerine hahah).

Being a former military corps officer, Agreed, things are getting like crypto.highs are really high but...might end badly!

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The chances of catching the Big One -HIV- from a provider is actually very low, even if she is infected.

There are some other nasties though that are antibiotic resistant and that's not a pretty picture. I've always played it safe and used protection when hobbying.

if u persist to continue doing this gig, make sure u can handle the consequences (like the freddie mercury type of consequences) and have enough coverage on your health plan. Unfortunately, i got sick 4 times with 3 different probs since i started seeing her. with Mina (twice), Jackie (twice), Ashley and Cemi.

each time i get treated, and take a break, go back to see and boom sick again... The last with Mina was a full hour of un-protected vaginal sex.

But trust, me you can only play this game of microbiology roulette for so long before you will get stung. Looking back, I feel pretty lucky nothing bad was "transmitted." As much as I would treasure the feeling of slipping into those tight little Asian pussies, it's just not very smart, is it? ) I can't be the only monger who has an unsuspecting woman at home who regularly services me, and think how bad it would be to "bring something home." Try explaining THAT! It's a powerful instinct, nature's way of encouraging us to reproduce.

So even though I've been an idiot a number of times, a Very interesting post. But if you do it, get tested, and if you test positive, get treated. 19, 2016: Reported STDs at Unprecedented High in the U.

Did not catch anything so far but need to get tested in few weeks and then 3~6 months.

Too much of I personally know one of the mamasans and two of her providers in this area, and have known them for a long time.

I would have thought that the Orgs they work for would teach these girls safety as ithe dangers would impact all parties.