" says an exasperated 32-year-old Newark, New Jersey, panelist for Answerology.com, a Web site that aims to bridge the communication gulf between the sexes. Acting classes are filled with gorgeous nymphets and men who make great shopping buddies.With the help of Answerology creator Matt Milner, we've asked men from around the country to tell us where the heck they are—and the easiest ways to meet them! Your average stand-up class, on the other hand, is a festival of testosterone.And breaking the ice is easy: A simple "Your routine was hilarious" (preceded, of course, by hearty laughter) should do the trick. The beer line should be packed with fans; so get behind a cute one and ask him about his favorite team, advises a 39-year-old from Vancouver. Next Saturday night take a bunch of your girlfriends to a nightclub that hosts local bands. If you've been meaning to do some meet-and-greets as a way of boosting your career, here's some added incentive: Business conferences and seminars are filled with smart, ambitious men with whom you can talk shop.

Our parents were close friends, and we’d grown up together. I loved his pug nose, his fiery red hair, and his teasing smiles.

But as his school detentions led to expulsions and, eventually, arrests for possession of weed and then burglaries, we fell out of touch.

After all, he'll need you to take his coat, fetch him a drink, and tell you where he's been all your life.

Justin and I had dated off and on for years, and some part of me always believed we would end up married. I was quiet, studious, painfully shy; he was full of boisterous energy and crude jokes.

Here's a little about me my name is Valerie I'm a single mother of 4 boys I love to succeed my goals and I don't let nothing stop me from achieving anything in life I came too far in life to ever look back I will never give up I'm fighting for love somewhere out there God have the plan for me no one is perfect but believing is power and having faith is the strongest strength that you need to continue with your life and I know there's someone out there for me that God has built and plan into my life for my future. I'm looking for a friendship but if we share a connection I'm not afraid to take things to the next level. I am also an ENFP, which means I'm an outgoing extrovert.

Hello my name is jonathon im single 29 christian love the beach love tne movies love to travel love motorcycles love fast cars and love motocross and nascar racing and love to read my holy bible before i go to bed im a caring and respectful guy with a kind and caring heart to give to a sweet caring loving lady I love going to church studying my bible, i like being a blessing to others. I love to travel so distance isn't a problem for me. My number one main spiritual gift is exhortation (which is just another fancy word, for encouragement) ...

I don't like to judge others because we all fall short. I am extremely interested in finding strong relationships and finding a woman that I can pray with and talk to frequently. In Gods timing; haste is usually not the way but patience is vital and the pulse that stregthens the heart beat of faith which will eventually give birth to perfection. so if you are seeking encouragement in your life, I am definitely the person to go to, because I will gladly give it out to anyone freely.

I love sharing the love of God so if you're ever in the need of encouragement please feel free to send a message. I'm very transparent and very relatable and easy to talk to. I've had a rough 5 years and I'm looking to the future and I know Jesus and God is on my side. When it comes to who I am, I am a kid of a preacher's kid, and also an Air Force brat.

After she and her long-term boyfriend broke up, Marla decided to pursue the interests she had neglected when she was in a relationship. I made some wonderful friends and expanded my horizons.