I now join the millions of women with metastatic cancer and sometimes those same thoughts come back to me.

Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment is for people who have completed cancer treatment.

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But the fact remains that my breasts will never be "normal" looking again. One guy bolted when I told him about the mastectomy.

A long-time date/friend expressed surprise that "they did something to other breast too" (the plastic surgery done on the remaining breast) I guess I need advice too--although I completely agree with the posters who say it's better to know upfront than later. I dated after cancer and with mets though I was NED at the time.

For many of us, cancer has altered (either through surgery or radiation) our mind, our bodies and our body image. I think what I have to say however, applies to most cancers (and that includes those of you who may have a colostomy bag). That's a big question and perhaps the most important.

Self-esteem comes from within and doesn't always come easy. Prior to my diagnosis I had a great sex life with my husband. If you value who you are, so will the men you meet.

Yes, I may be one of the 90 percent of women who do die from metastatic cancer...

I have a few extra curves where I wish I didn't (most of us do) and because of the procedure used to create my breasts (mostly fat injections), my legs have indentations in them. "Who would want to date someone with Stage IV cancer? My doctors (all of them) tell me that they now treat my cancer like a chronic disease. I may die of a heart attack riding "The Tower of Terror." In the meantime, I will continue to live, date and hopefully have sex (often)...

So I am almost 3 months post chemo and tomorrow is my last radiation treatment (woohhoooo! I have been on one date with a man that I really like and have not yet told him about my cancer experience. I think he is genuinely a very nice person, but it is only human to potentially negative reaction.

My hair is about 1/2 an inch long and I am still wearing my wig. Any advice on dating after cancer without "wigging" a man out???

Here are some things you should think about and rethink and rethink about: 1.