For that reason, the Church considers a romantic relationship between a woman and a "trans man" to be a romantic relationship between two women and thus a form of homosexual activity.The Church states that homosexual activity is a grave sin: Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex.The problem is, another trans woman writes, “these people view transness as a mere physical quality that they just aren’t attracted to.” The issue with this logic is that the person in question is obviously attracted to trans people, or else they wouldn’t be worried about accidentally going out with one.

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Cis men are insecure about their attraction to trans women — and now they're spilling the T about dating while trans.#Dating While Trans #Walking While Trans L42o H2z — Mic (@mic) January 4, 2018 “If the idea is that a guy dating a trans woman makes him gay, then what you’re basically saying is that a trans woman is not a woman, she’s like a boy playing dress up,” one trans woman says in the Mic video.

“I mean, like, I haven’t put in all the work and the money and the time and the resources into my transition for people to say I’m playing dress up.

Although the post was eventually deleted for weird Reddit reasons, the Internet came to his aid with an avalanche of reactions and advice…

As a female Catholic, can I date a trans man (someone born female who has transitioned to male)?

Under no circumstances can they be approved (CCC 2357).

An R&B singer refused to kiss a man who thinks he’s a woman, and now the singer is being labeled transphobic, a growing trend as the transgender community demands not only tolerance, but also affirmation, approval, and dating rights.

"I couldn't be friends with people who make fun of my girl friend," this knight-in-shining-armor wrote.

His older sister advised him not to ask her out to avoid drama, but his little brother had the best advice: “Bring her flowers to school on valentines day because he bets no other guy has given her flowers before.” Obviously, this is a tough situation for a teenage boy, and so he turned to Reddit for advice.

Ginuwine, a contestant on “Celebrity Big Brother UK,” found himself on the receiving end of what could be classified as sexual harassment when housemate and transgender woman India Willoughby tried to kiss him after he said he wouldn’t date a trans person. Dl P5JL — TV One (@tvonetv) January 10, 2018 Irrespective of how nasty India is, (& she hates other trans ppl too), does Ginuwine know how much he's insulted ALL trans women by saying he'd never date a trans woman.