We see the instant chemistry on television and think is love, but for me, what the instant chemistry has provided was massive and painful soul growth.

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It’s taken a long time to get to this point and at the very heart of it is an enormous amount of self-love, inner work and self-nurturing.

I’m not just talking about the “yeah, I love myself,” but the deep and whole body rush of being in love with me, my life and all that is.

He was like a good blurb on a book—I wanted to open the book to see what was inside.

So we went on a few dates, he spoiled me, brought flowers, opened doors and showed genuine care for me and my family.

Many girls find the dating bad boys concept very appealing.

Living in today’s world and its evolving concepts of what is ‘cool,’ bad seems to be the new cool. Most of the times, it does not end well like they expected it would.I don’t know where this relationship is going, but he is allowing me the space to open up my scared and vulnerable heart in my own time. Even if it lasts another month, year, a decade or the rest of my life, I am taking it one day at a time and living in the bliss of the moment without expectations of what it might be. You know, the one you went out with once or twice, but there just wasn’t any “spark.” If he has a great relationship with his mum, his sisters or daughters, you’re probably onto a winner because he knows how a woman deserves to be treated.We’ve created (and are creating) a relationship that is loving, kind and generous and every day I am so grateful for what it is.This means they will keep note of your schedule and spend time with you accordingly, put your well-being before theirs, send you flowers or even a small note to let you know they are thinking about you and do all in their power to cheer you up when you get in a stressful mood or something else troubles you.