I haven’t blogged lately because I’ve had quite a few things pop up that were tremendous obstacles for me to overcome.

dating a mormon guy-62

Who knows with the royal and aristocratic blood in me, I might be accepted into British society and find myself a single Lord or Baron of some sorts and become a Lady or Baroness.

Do you think Henry VIII being my 15th great grandfather, as well as many other direct royal ancestors, count as anything these days?

I recently started looking at Optometry schools in the UK, and learned it is a bachelor degree there, instead of a doctorate here.

With a few more advanced courses under my belt, like biochemistry and higher math, along with my current AAS degree and work experience, it appears I would meet the entry requirements for a couple of the universities I’m looking at.

I’ve shared this news with a few people but will now make it public, which helps with accountability right?

I have decided to go back to school (starting next Spring or Fall) with the intention and end goal of going to optometry school and becoming an optometrist.Age 40 isn’t too old to start a doctorate program right, haha?The ironic thing will be that I will becoming presbyopic while in optometry school.If you notice the same thing, switch to something really hot!I had full intentions of doing a second part to my Moab trip, which obviously hasn’t happened, so I’m going to incorporate some of what I had in mind for that post into this one, including my first video uploaded to You Tube, yeah first one I know.Over the past few months I have done some serious soul searching, all while trying to manage navigating through being a single mom again and a widow.