Meditation would be good for them, or even if you can get them to rest a little, that would help. A long weekend or more in a big city is just the thing. If they hear someone teasing or saying hurtful things to a person about anything having to do with race, sex or handicaps, they may never speak with that person again.

A Gemini is always up on current events and wants to discuss them with everyone.

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They decide to meet later that evening for pizza and beer, and both leave Starbucks feeling pretty jazzed.

Justin got another large expresso to go, but Gemini people go through life at a blur that mere mortals have trouble achieving.

They like to read, do crossword puzzles, play scrabble.

You may be able to convince them to try a sport; if it’s for a cause they believe in, Geminis like being activists for a cause.

Justin can pretty much get to work whenever he feels like it, as long as he can keep a computer system up and running.

So although he usually lives a fast paced life, he feels attracted to Anthony, and wants to talk with him long enough to see if there is any potential there.

He works for an up and coming tech company, has blond, wavy hair a little too much past the collar, but is wearing a button up dress shirt and nice jeans, real shoes and a dressy jacket.

His boss doesn’t care if he shows up in sweat pants and a torn “Stop Fracking” t-shirt; as long as he solves the problem once he gets there.

Gemini Sun Signs are the conversationalists of the Zodiac, so it doesn’t take long for Justin to start talking to Anthony.

And who could resist that big smile, blue eyes sparkling with intelligence, and the witty anecdotes about Justin’s job?

If they do stay home, they usually invite people over.