So I take the fact that he’s willing to kiss me as an indication that he must like me…I’m running your letter, Julia, because it’s a nice tie-in to the emails from virgins who are wrestling with their anachronistic worldview.But…I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t believe in pre-marital sex! I keep thinking that I can convince him, rationally, that the Catholic ban on pre-marital sex is a stupid, pointless anachronism that is not relevant to today’s world.

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I guess my question is, do you think it’s possible to talk to him out of it?

Is it disrespectful to someone’s religion to set about convincing them that they’re wrong?

Smart, logical, quick-witted, sexy (for, you know, the honeymoon) – you’re the entire package. And from one of us to another – that ain’t happening.

Let him find his chaste bride who will accept him as he is, instead of constantly judging him for what he isn’t. This is one of those letters that makes me think, “Is she for real?

In fact, it sounds like a colossal waste of time and energy….

I’m marrying a Catholic who is also pretty damn Catholic. They’re her beliefs, they comfort her, and they are a fundamental part of the woman I fell in love with. And my fiancée and I have our own unique way we plan on raising our family. But it’s clear that you don’t really want to compromise on this one.

You and me, Julia – we’ll corrupt all of their minds one of these days!

I’m kidding, of course, because, as you know, it is not your job to change anybody’s mind.

I’ve told him very explicitly that I think his beliefs are wrong and I plan to try to change his mind. I mean, in some sense I’m tempted to just try and seduce him.

(We haven’t done more than make out, at this point.) But I wouldn’t feel right about that, and I wouldn’t want to sleep with him if he would feel guilty or regret it afterwards.

I give advice for a living and, frankly, I don’t see it as MY job to change anybody’s mind.