But the romance that really grabbed the tabloids’ attention was with Foster — already a gossip-column staple for his marriage to and divorce from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Hadid Foster, a k a the mother of models Gigi and Bella Hadid. don’t really care how old they are.” According to the “Idol” insider, her interest in Foster, who has produced hit songs for artists such as Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, is more driven by ambition than anything else.

“After ‘Idol,’ when she got pretty big, Kat just stopped talking to virtually her entire group of friends,” a source told The Post.

“A whole group went from being best friends with Kat to her not even speaking to them.

Their behavior at these high-end parties is an extension of the progressiveness and open-mindedness—the audacity, if you will—that make founders think they can change the world.

And they believe that their entitlement to disrupt doesn’t stop at technology; it extends to society as well.

In the clips, Mc Phee can be heard snickering off-camera and saying, “What bride does her own wedding security?

If you’re doing your own security, you have a problem.” It’s just the latest in a string of stories that have shocked Mc Phee’s early fans — including an affair with a co-worker that led to the bust-up of her marriage and rumors that her latest romance might just be for publicity.“It’s 10 years later,” a close friend of Mc Phee said of her transformation.“She still is that girl next door in many ways but she does have that edge, and she likes to show off her sexy side.” (Exhibit A: her skin-baring December cover of Health magazine.) Added another insider, who knew Mc Phee during her “Idol” days, “She has always been seen as a bit of a goody-goody, but she is incredibly ambitious.Few participants, however, have been willing to describe these scenes to me without a guarantee of anonymity.The Internet and Web technologies have originally been developed assuming an ideal world where all users are honorable.However, the dark side has emerged and bedeviled the world.