Cher, is it safe to say that you didn't expect to start a relationship on the show? Was it weird to watch the episode in which you all went to Vegas, when it appeared that your romance with Wes had started?

Wes: Yeah, when I got back from the show and Cher actually came to visit me in Atlanta, everybody was like, "Wow.

dane and millie beauty and the geek still dating-16

When you look back at that early footage, what are you thinking?

And Josh would always tell me, "Cheryl, I'm not your girlfriend." What's your status with Wes now?

The tasks are still entertaining enough but the people not being as interesting meant that I didn't really care who was evicted or not.

Overall then this is a so-so game show that pales in comparison to the much better UK version.

The money's nice, especially that I don't have to spend it on therapy and on drugs. Cher: I was able to realize that I am really scared of failure. Worry about the chances you miss by not trying."Cher: That's something that Josh tried to grill into me and I always get the quote wrong but I know the meaning.

" [.] What's the biggest thing you'll each take from this experience? That just shows me that I was able to get what I wanted to get out of the experience.

So yes there is humour to watching the geeks be geeks and the beauties be a bit dippy but there is nothing on the same level as Peep Show's David Mitchell's gently sarcastic narration.

Certainly Brian Mcfayden (no, thankfully not that one) is no comparison and he is a very bland host – taking it all too seriously and having nothing about him that is interesting or original.

The geeks are a solid mix of normal people who are a bit smart, dorky people as well as at least one who is basically Woody Allen exposed to radiation to the point where he has become an Uber-geek.

The beauties are a fairly bland collection of white women with just one ethnic minority thrown in.

[By the time I left] I was able to throw away one of my anxiety medications.