Vehicles with total weight under 3.5 tonnes – regardless of trailer weight – use stickers (motorbikes are free of charge).

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The 24-hour cycle is used for official and exact purposes; the 12-hour cycle is also used in daily life, especially in spoken language. Since 2000, the year value is almost always written in four-digit form.

In spoken language, especially by older people, years referencing to the second half of 20th century are abbreviated by stripping the century digits (89 instead of 1989).

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After the sticker has been attached to the windscreen, it cannot be re-used for another vehicle.

The sticker is valid even if the vehicle's registration number has been changed.

These rules are based on tradition and are widely used by common people. The second format is defined by the Czech State Norm (ČSN 01 6910) based on ISO standards.

The date is written in "day month year" order, each part separated by a space. The month can be replaced by its full name in genitive case (1. It accepts the ISO format (2009-12-01 and ) and allows simplified traditional formatting and/or globalised formatting such as leading zeroes or omitted spaces ().

Customs Administration of the Czech Republic is a security force ensuring processes in the field of customs administration and related taxes, as well as other non-fiscal activities in the favor of the state and its citizens. The Customs Administration of the Czech Republic is a security force and its activities form a part of the customs supervision system in the framework of the single customs territory of the European Union.