If she were a hard drinking, hard partying man of rock and roll, you'd all be impressed and call her an icon. Nah R11, I'm a guy, I just recognize bullshit double standards when I see them. She's a fucking mess of a human being, but she didn't kill Cobain, whom I was a major fan of. I've never seen any asshole rock star get the hate this woman does, or called male whore etc. Why does she attract your scorn and Ozzy Osborne or Gene Simmons don't? In part, it's because she's tried so hard to hide it in the past, pretending to be far less destructive than she really is.

Ozzy has been sanitized for the masses but he's not giving anti-drug speeches and days later getting busted for drugs, or harassing people who say things he doesn't like then giving a "free speech" award."I've never seen any asshole rock star get the hate this woman does, or called male whore etc.

Yet she gets called out all the time."Do you know ANYTHING about Courtney Love? She gets "called out all the time" because she deserves it. There aren't too many male rock stars who are her equal when it comes to being loathesome. Feeling sorry for someone now fifty doesn't do them much good.

R19, I'm amazed Dave Grohl hugged her at the rock and roll hall of fame and referred to her as "family" in an interview afterwards. I don't know if I would ever forgive someone for accusing me of trying to hit on their child. I got tired of hearing about Kurt's sore stomach when he was alive. Courtney was once very bright and I think quite talented. Same goes for that douchebag of the nineties hubby Cobain.

But she has fake issues that mask her real problems most all the time. She knows this better than anyone, because she has lived long enough to understand just what a douche he was.

Not the murder thing, rather the made him miserable to death thing. Gene Simmons is a loathsome creature and I profess my hatred for him all the time, as do many rock fans. Well, I can't remember the last time he accused Courtney of molesting one of his children, which is exactly what she did to him. At what point has Grohl done anything even remotely as troubling as the shit Love has done?

Cobain was remarkably introspective about his faults (something those who hate Cobain/Nirvana either don't know or conveniently forget) and more than one song deals with problems he had with Love. Ozzy, like Gene Simmons and Alice Cooper and others, was largely shtick and PR.

Serves the dumb bitch right, how dare she show up there?

Grohl laughed when they booed her and her force-hugging everyone was cringe-worthy.

She is clearly a narcissist at best, a sociopath at worst. She has destroyed much of her brain, her talent and her looks through a kind of moral slothfulness. Yet she is still blamed for HIS failures as a human being.