and whose father Philip booked that very Charleston Civic Center Kiss show – has been booking tours and artists now for 25 years.

It was July 15, 1976, the day before Kiss would bring its Destroyer tour to the Charleston Civic Center, and Philip Lashinsky gave his son, Darin, and nephew, Michael, money to go buy the latest Kiss album so they could be up on the songs for the concert.

Carrying on an old Lashinsky family tradition, Darin – whose grandfather Harry booked Hank Williams Sr.

’ They of course remember my father and were real sweet with Philip and then immediately they are telling me stories about doing shows with my dad, and it’s some crazy stuff.

If it is not full circle I don’t know what it is.” “Honestly it wasn’t about meeting them.

National Shows 2 (NS2) is a Nashville-based, full-service concert promotion company.

NS2 creates, produces and promotes live entertainment events in arenas, amphitheaters, performing arts centers, clubs and other venues across the country.“We already produce dozens of programs a year related to our exhibitions and our mission,” said Young.“When I came up with National Shows 2, I think the most important kind of message I got with my father was to learn all facets of the business and (be) able to do all the jobs a promoter does,” Lashinsky said.He said a key difference in promotion these days is that a company will often have multiple staff members, each dedicated to one specific task in promoting or producing a show.As a kid seeing a concert like that I joke and say it was over. That inspired me to play and be in bands for a few years, but I was smart enough to know I wasn’t going to be making a living doing it.” Three years after seeing Kiss for the first time he got an electric guitar from Paul Stanley of Kiss, which hangs in a case in his office with the date, Sunday, July 16, 1979.Lashinsky’s dad, who has since passed away, used to joke with Stanley that it was all Kiss’ fault his kid got into rock ‘n’ roll after he saw them and got that guitar.“He showed up before the trucks opened and left after they closed.