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After a long-term relationship ended badly, Sadie, a Birmingham, Alabama, local, found herself without any of her former friends, whom she had isolated herself from to be with her partner.

She was only 27 and knew she couldn’t live her life like that, so she asked Reddit users, “Are there any activities around here where people were especially welcoming?

” Several people, including Southern Belle5672 and Walks Softly, came to the rescue, sharing their insights on the city’s goings-on and how they had expanded their own social circles.

Sadie was soon invited to a brewery meetup, game night, and cycling day.

Trying to get back out there after a breakup, whether you’re looking for friendship or romance, can be difficult even if you’re in a bustling city like Birmingham.

But that’s the purpose of this guide — to give you tips for meeting new people and leading the full life you’ve always wanted and deserve.

If you choose to poke fun at our accent or expressions, well, don’t throw a hissy fit when we decide to end the night early. We’ll listen patiently to hear all of your tired clichés about our state, but then we’ll swiftly remind you that we are directly responsible for putting a man on the moon. Between the houndstooth jackets, and the blue and orange face paint, we barely have time to make it to a Blazers game.

We’re genetically disposed to crave the sunshine, so if you won’t find happiness tossing a nerf on a beach in the Gulf, or in an inner tube while floating down the Cahaba, well, that’s just not going to work, hon’. We’ve got our plates full with our college teams, really.

In fact, when it comes to playing hard, we welcome it. We could be on a four-wheeler or in a jacked up pickup truck; either way we'll be slinging that mud and come home covered in it. Us Alabama girls have our own rod and reels, tackle, shotguns and rifles. We also know the tunes by the newbies, such as Luke, Kenny, Miranda and Carrie.