When hitting up the movie theater begins to drain your wallet, you can take advantage of accessing some of your favorite classics right at home.Get to know each other a little better by having a movie marathon in the dorm, alternating your top picks.Find a cute area in a local park, or right in the quad.

Since you both have one, build a date around all of the fun things you can do together for super cheap.

This could mean discounted meals, inexpensive matinee movies, or even shopping with a ton of epic deals.

You might play games to help each other memorize things, which can be flirty and oh-so-fun.

Plus, you can reward each other for working hard by ordering a pizza at the end of the night. It's donation-based, so you can contribute as much as you'd like.

If you're 21 and up, you probably know there are a ton of bars around campus with great drink deals. Find a bar with a solid deal to go to for a few brews with your bae.

There are even some places that give you a hot dog or slice of pizza for every drink you buy.

Every date night doesn't have to be fine dining and the most expensive bottle of wine on the shelf. There are plenty of free or cheap date ideas that any broke college student can take advantage of.

That's not saying you should make microwave Ramen noodles for a first date when you're low on money, but here are nine fun college date options that are just as cheap and actually quite romantic.

A picnic can be a really cheap, but super thoughtful plan.