It's not long before she discovers that The Rub has a client list concerning men who expect "extras".

Budde got the job because Suzanne Martin was busy working on Hot in Cleveland at the time.

Upon being given the assignment Budde watched the original movie and felt that the story had ended and also that it was "super depressing" instead he decided to reimagine the show and pitched it that way to Lifetime who accepted.

Riley's work and family lives become too much to handle. Katie gets in trouble in school for swearing, after a boy teases about her father.

Georgia promotes Riley to the manager position, which causes a rift between Riley and Selena.

At the massage parlor, Riley meets an interesting client nicknamed The Camel.

Meanwhile, Georgia takes all the girls out for drinks, where Riley discovers the fun side of her new job.Riley learns from Evan that Kyle is somewhere in Mexico.Lynette introduces her new boyfriend Garrett to the family.presented by Equinox on Sunday (September 14) at Zuma Beach in Malibu, Calif.The guys were joined in the sporting event by Max Greenfield, Josh Hopkins, and many others.But pressed to support her children, she relents and earns extra money through unspecified erotic services.