Gigi Hadid may currently be taken by Zayn Malik, but before he came along, the supermodel dated an Australian singer and a Jonas brother.

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Modern Orthodoxy draws on several teachings and philosophies, and thus assumes various forms.

In the United States, and generally in the Western world, "Centrist Orthodoxy" – underpinned by the philosophy of Torah Umadda ("Torah and [Scientific] Knowledge") – is prevalent.

Thus, Modern Orthodoxy holds that Jewish law is normative and binding, while simultaneously attaching a positive value to interaction with the modern world.

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The 2015 edition of the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival (CIMMfest), which ran April 16 – 19, wrapped up this past Sunday and was an interesting mix of slick productions with sweeping shots and hard hitting beats, as well as kitschy indie films with a do-it-yourself aesthetic.

I’m looking forward to seeing future projects and a different variety of work from Trilby Glover as this was just the beginning.

To the ideological right, the line between Haredi and Modern Orthodox has blurred in recent years; some have referred to this trend as "haredization".

The specific expression of Modern Orthodoxy, however, takes many forms, and particularly over the past 30–40 years, describes a political spectrum.

The model got some heat for her new romance from a Twitter user, who wrote, "practise how to walk properly instead of having a new bf every 2 weeks."Hadid fired back with the perfect response: "I've dated 3 guys in 3 yrs, hun.