He searched his relations and found the perfect young girl, and after waiting for her to grow up he is ready to marry her.To him it was a simple business arrangement, his title and wealth in exchange for her providing him with heirs.

We haven’t any idea how the current owner plans to make use of the gate house but it would certainly be perfect for housing a small army of eagle-eyed sniper-trained security personnel. At that price the big deal netted Mister Cooper a substantial net profit of 15-20 million pounds.

Lucky Mister Cooper sold the property during the summer of 2008 to a corporate entity named Holdings for somewhere around £50,000,000, more than one hundred million U. The owning corporation was reported by one British newspaper to be controlled by Russian construction tycoon Yelena–sometimes spelled Elena– this week by a construction crew member as “‘a wealthy European family looking for a permanent base in London'”–they’ve recently embarked on an extensive and expensive renovation and restoration of the house that also calls for–you got it–a tremendous expansion.

What he didn't count on was that she had fallen in love with him during their handfull of brief meetings.

Natalia is finally going to marry the man she fell in love with three years earlier.

It wasn’t long, we understand from our plugged-in sources inside the ‘hood (shown above).

The monumental property and mansion, which had fallen into a sad state of obsolescence and disrepair over the last 20 or 30 years, is the second largest private residence in London behind only The property, which occupies one of the highest points in London, was first developed in the late 1700s by successful stock broker who built a giant Georgian-style pile for his wife and eight children.In , the author plays Nemesis and questions their judgement.Rather than a romantic view of the Sitwells in the famous Sargent group portrait, Seward sketches his characters with ruthless efficiency like a Helleu drypoint.Also planned is an extensive fitness and spa facility with 70-foot indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, pool bar, gym, changing rooms, sauna, massage room and–no hotel-sized house would be complete without one–a beauty salon.The existing staff wing, according to reports and plans, is to be removed and extensive service quarters in the basement are planned with staff suites, security room, laundry facilities, and a 25-car underground garage accessed by a heavy-duty elevator that will whisk the owner’s fleet of fancy cars up from the garage to plaza-like motor court that stretches out in front of the grand mansion.He paid for the education to help her prepare to be the perfect chatelaine of Colvall Castle.