Laughing, holding bottles of drink and posing with the Albanian flag, the teenagers’ ‘stowaway selfies’ are on pages which can reach 60,000 followers Among those to have sent their children to the UK are council officers and policemen, who borrow up to £12,000 from loan sharks to pay people-smugglers.

Officials say almost every family has at least one member in Britain and usually at least one more hoping to get there.

Scores of village children have gone to Britain illegally with people-smugglers, usually with the help of their parents.

His family knows he risks of being drawn into Albanian gangs in the UK that use children who have gone ‘underground’ as slave labour in car washes or as drug mules or dealers.

Standing by a Union flag in his bar, built using money sent by his brothers in Britain, Liman Morina joked: ‘Albania is just a neighbourhood of London.‘Even a person in a highly paid job here earns less than a low-paid person in London.’Education officials in the local province of Kukes claim 834 teenagers quit school between 20 – with many thought to have tried to get to the UK.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Krumë is London’s most unlikely suburb.

But despite being 1,600 miles from the British capital, locals in the Albanian village think of themselves as living in one of its neighbourhoods.

Seeing him go has sucked the life out of me.’Others go to more extreme lengths than just giving money.

A council official describes how he paid £14,000 to smuggle his two sons – then aged 15 and 16 – into the UK three years ago.

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