In the summer of 2006, the Montana Migrant Education Program teamed up with to provide a unique opportunity to migrant students to learn even as they were helping their families earn a living in the sugar beet fields and cherry orchards of Montana.

I work with migrant students in a 24 foot mobile computer lab that travels all over Montana during the summer.

Then it took a long time to find where they had left off.

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Many of the online courses contain an offline component as well.

So that students wouldn’t miss out on any course time, the lessons I used fulfilled the offline course assignments.

To give the assignment a cross-curricular component, I had the students create a show that other students could use independently to learn more about current Latino issues.

I had them listen to Latino USA, a National Public Radio program.

For the economics course, the students listened to Maestro: Greenspan’s Fed and the American Boom by Bob Woodward.

This biography was relatively short (4 hours 30 minutes) and it was about a contemporary economist.

As an introduction to the issue, they used a clip from the original Latino USA story.

To conclude they narrated a slide with their own conclusions they drew from the story and from the research they did.

The biggest challenge in the use of Technology was listening to long pieces on the i Pod Shuffle.

If students accidentally reset the Shuffle or ran it out of batteries, it would reset the position in the book back to the beginning.

Then in their writing, they needed to use the terms correctly and show their impact on Alan Greenspan’s economics.