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Chat sex egyptian kamirh only-26

Just 26 per cent of Australian women are against men asking for sex at a 'social event' according to a study published by Curtin University.

This compares to 100 per cent of women in Egypt, 99 per cent in Indonesia, 97 per cent in Japan and 88 per cent in Portugal.

An Egyptian court has sentenced Doaa Salah, a popular TV chat show host for discussing the possibility of pregnancy outside marriage.

Many call it an unfair judgment considering she was talking about single motherhood in a positive light.

Doaa also spoke about artificial insemination in the Western countries – though, sperm donation is not an option in Egypt.

All these statements were held against Doaa who was charged with inciting debauchery.

From violating women’s rights to aggravating them with age-old misogynistic ideas, the conservative nation does little to safeguard its female citizens.

Just days after an Egyptian lawyer named Nabih al-Wahsh said it’s a national duty to rape girls who wear revealing clothes like ripped jeans, another incident has further dented Egypt’s image as an ultraconservative country on the world map.

I know that with living everywhere there are likes and dislikes, i would like to know what these are in Egypt.