A carboxyl group is made up of a carbon that is double bonded to an oxygen and is also bound to an oxygen and a hydrogen.

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The purpose of a map is to show how things relate to each other spatially, but more often than not, a map also shows other kinds of information.

For example, a map's purpose might be to show the pattern of the subway system in New York City, the number of people per country in Africa, the location of forests in Canada or the location of monuments in Washington, D. These are just a few examples of the types of things that maps portray, but there are literally thousands of other things that maps can show.

All proteins are made up of individual building blocks called amino acids.

Multiple amino acids can be strung together to make a protein, just like multiple bricks can be assembled to build a house.

Maps are very valuable tools that can be used to easily show things that would otherwise be difficult to understand.

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Without the key to explain what the icons mean, the map wouldn't make a lot of sense. Once you understand what the colors represent, it's easy to see where the most or fewest people live in the country.