Jane and Grayson take on a case involving a grieving man, coping with the loss of his wife by dressing as a clown.

But after viewing this single episode among many in a catch-up session on Netflix, I was struck by how artfully and masterfully this episode captured the essence of the pain that underlies the comedy and drama of "Drop Dead Diva." Spectacular personal pain is almost like an uncredited character itself in the premise of this show, which featured the confluence of a tragic car crash and a workplace shooting.

This particular episode was striking to me in its exploration of grieving, and remembrance, and was striking in the care it took with some little-explored aspects of Jane's situation and circumstances, which otherwise could have been left unexplored in the course of telling the stories.

She appeared in a 2011 episode of The Chicago Code as Elena, as the fiancée of the main character, Jarek Wysocki.

She has a recurring role in the TV show Scorpion as Megan O'Brien, the older sister of main character Walter O'Brien.

She has lived in California, New Jersey and New York City. Workshop that included only the best 26 contestants.

Camille auditioned for Popstars, a reality TV show that aired on the WB Network in 2000. In the end, Camille was one of ten semi-finalists and eventually the last contestant not to win a spot as part of the winning girl group Eden's Crush.

I'm avoiding spoilers for those who are discovering the series for the first time.

I only started watching "Drop Dead Diva" myself a couple of weeks ago and have been watching as many as I can since then.

She is known for her role as Daisy in Gotta Kick It Up!

, for playing Maricruz, Sucre's girlfriend, in Prison Break and as Walter O'Brien's sister, Megan, a recurring role on the series Scorpion.

In 2005, Guaty had a recurring role as Maricruz Delgado, the girlfriend of Fernando Sucre, in FOX's Prison Break. She also voiced the Puerto Rican girl that Glenn Quagmire was dating in "The Man with Two Brians".