And people forgetting how to drive when it snows happens everywhere. I'm assuming you moved to YYC from the east coast, since you think everyone here is so unfriendly and its all so expensive. This is to inform the general public that Mr Daniel John , a private loan lender has open up a financial opportunity for everyone in need of any financial help. Used bicycles at Goodlife Community Bicycle on 4th street and arund 27 Ave in the strip mall. Transit is day pass, .15 for 90 minutes, 0/m or for welfare bus pass. If you have a great position with great salary, go on because there's definitely a great quality of life in Calgary.

We give out loan at 2% interest rate to individuals, firms and companies under a clear and understandable terms and condition. Or your local bum can get you one cheaper ;) When buying a vehicle make sure it was last registered in Alberta. The "hoods" are Forest Lawn/Dover/Erin Woods/Penbrooke and area. Unless you still have a job in oil and gas Calgary is on par with Paris and New York without the culture or ambiance.

#Cody is fair in their assessment HOWEVER, in just the past six months I've seen a climb in grocery costs, insurance (home, auto) due to recent Alberta disasters, food/restaurants and sewer/water service..of course if you are not average (eg dietary restrictions, medical conditions etc). There are lot to say....( and important thing it is very COLD (-15C average) here in winter months) But i have been to these situations and always thought "why did i come to Calgary" OR even Canada.

I would agree more with other posters that $3,000 may be a baseline number but I wouldn't consider it comfortable. At the same time i have to say few good things as well Country and city is good as well as the lifestyle.

Believe me she lives in a huge house on the South of Calgary and has done very well out of the Alberta boom in the last 16 years. There is NO RENT CONTROL here and your landlord can raise your rent to whatever he wants.

This is fine when the oils selling but when it doesn't? Get a license, a reliable 4x4 and H2S Alive, First Aid/CPR and the clothing. I usually google "Rig Count" to see how the market is. I havent used a taxi in a long time, but its about $10 for a 1km ride. THERE are more illegal unsafe suites than anywhere in Canada as everone is trying to get into money and try to afford to live.

Years ago this was a wonderful friendly rich place with affordable housing, plenty of work, lots of money (oil), cheap groceries, cheap gas, a helpful cheerful community feeling that is now replaced with that big city coldness. Car2Go you dont pay for parking at city lots or on street. HEY Everry body I'm a young kid i have 20 years old from morroco I'm planing to come in canada soon and to begain a new life their I'm accepecting to come to calgary city they've tolden me that she's a nice city full of oportunities i wanna follow my studies their and have a job ..

After going through the comments, I've noticed a lot of people claiming that fairly high sums of money per month won't go very far in Calgary, and I have to disagree. A garage rental is 0 for a double, 0-0 for a single garage. so could you please contact me and tell me more information about this beautiful city !!The housing market is suffering, so rent/mortgages may dip down to sell, but moving to Calgary without a concrete job can be a risk. If you like to party and get drunk then thats your thing. Hi #anil kumar I hope you are still staying in India, I have been living in Calgary for last 15 years.Living beyond your means is possible, regardless of salary. I have seen Calgary a good and affordable place to live, but not any more unless you make at least 00 or more to live a decent living for the family of four (2 parents and 2 kids).I too have been here for many years, since 1989, and can assure you that the cost of living in Calgary has far outpaced other Canadian markets, like Toronto. Another Casino on the way to Banff, at the Nakisa/Kanaskis turn off. Lot to explore You will get your time ...few more to say But you get all these where you are already with very good income and very high saving potential than here After all these IMHO if i were you i would not even thing about coming to Calgary or Canada Hello all, I have been living in Calgary off and on since the 1970's.Shared with me recently, in most markets organizations that look to provide sports access to kids consider k for a family of four to be the poverty line and subsidy eligibility threshold,, in Calgary they adjust that figure to ,000. I'm originally from the UK, but I live in one of the most expensive places on the planet, Zug, Switzerland. Once Calgary had only 137.000 people now they have over a million.You are probably benefiting from govt hand outs Gin. I don't know any Calgarians who would survive in the real world. I have a full and happy life (despite my numerous health problems). It's cold, from Sept-April you have to deal with snow, cold weather, horrible road conditions, massive transit delays, accidents everywhere every time it snows people seem to have completely forgotten how to drive. There is some new carbon tax so all things energy is now even more expensive, gas, electric bill, rent. Peters Drive-In on 16Ave N the Trans Canada is too. Lindsey Park now called the Talisman Center is a good spot too. Sikome Lake in Fishcreek Park at River and Highway 22X is not free anymore. I have only lived in well insulated condo's in Calgary built since 2000. If you're coming to Calgary, DO NOT LIVE IN SAGE HILL. It was my regret that I bought a property here and now I am having a hard time selling it.