AIRCRAFT CALLSIGNS: There are several “systems” that I have noted over the years.: Transports: Callsign 1 or 01 is usually the unit commander’s callsign.

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NOTE #2: Some of the callsigns were taken from aircraft Mode S tranmissions as copied by listeners with the approproate equipment.

These callsigns are entered by the flight or ground crews.

As such one sometimes sees things like " F-15s Suck" or "A-10s Rule" in the callsign block.

For basically historical reasons I have left in many of the daily changing tactical callsigns used by the TACAMO & ABNCP/NAOC units.

We may not see them again, but then again they could be reused.

================ ===== ============================================ AAEC LSV-1 USAV GEN. BEAVER F-16C, 125 FS/138 FW OK ANG Tulsa OK BEAVIS F-16C/D 52FW 22FS/ 23FS Spangdahlem GE BEEFEATER ECM Range at Poinsett Range, Shaw AFB SC BEEHIVE OPS CP 112th FS OH ANG Toledo OH BEELINER, C-17 60AMW/21st AS Travis AFB CA BEARMAT USMC range control 29 Palms, CA BEAST F-16C 457 FS/301 FW TX AFRC BEAST F-16C/J 20th FW Shaw AFB SC BEAST A-10 81ST FS SPANGDAHLEM AFB GE BEAVER NAS North Island, CA FACSFAC BEAVER F-15A/B 123rd FS, OR ANG Portland BEAVER OPS 123rd FS, OR ANG Portland BEAVER OPS CP for 7th Bomb Wing (B-1Bs), Dyess AFB TX BEAVER FOX OREGON CAP BEAVER F-16C/G 138th FW 125th FS “Tulsa Vipers” Tulsa AP, OK BEAVER B-2 Whiteman AFB MO BEBOP A-10 303rd Sqdn, 442nd FW; Whiteman AFB MO BEEHIVE 180th FW OH ANG, Toledo OH BEELINER C-17A, 21st AS/60th AMW, Travis AFB CA BEEF F-18C VFA-22, CVW-11 NAS OCEANAVA BEEF F/A-18F, VFA-22, CVW-14 NAS Lemoore CA BEEFEATER ECM Range FL BEER F-16 388th FW, Hill AFB, UT BEER E-767 JAPAN Defence Force (JAPAN) BEETLE A-10 Selfridge ANGB, MI BELITE/B-LITE A-10 303rd Sqdn, 442nd FW; Whiteman AFB MO BELL RINGER - Any Army MARS station with phone patch capability. BIG FOOT WADS SOCC ID/Surveillance section, Mc Chord AFB, WA BIG TOP unid exercise entity BIGGET C-130 146th AW, CA ANG at Channel Islands ANGS BIKER F-22 1st FW, 27th/94th FS Joint Base Langley-Eustis VA BILK E-3B 552nd ACW, Tinker AFB, OK BILLFISH US CUSTOMS MARINE SUPPORT BAHAMAS BILLO E-3B 552nd ACW, Tinker AFB, OK BILLY BEAR CAP Headquarters Maxwell AFB AL BILOXI A-10s, Moody AFB, GA BINAL WC-130 403rd Wing, Keesler AFB, MS BINGO C-130H / Fokker 50 334 Sqn NAF Einehoven (Paradropping) BIRCH E-3B 552nd ACW, Tinker AFB, OK BIRD KC-135R 92nd ARW Fairchild AFB WA BIRTH EC-130 355th Wing, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ BISON C-130H 328th AS AFRC, Niagara Falls IAP NY BISON C-130H 105th AS/TN ANG BISON F-15C/D 325th FW Tyndall AFB FL BISON CC-130 CANFORCE 8TH WING CFB TRENTON ON BISON CC-177 429 Squadron/8 Wing CFB TRENTON ON BISON A-10 81ST FS, SPANGDAHLEM AB GE BISON F-16s, 119th FS NJ ANG Atlantic City NJ BIXBY C-130E 23rd Wing, Moody AFB GA BLACK MC-130H 352 SOG/7 SOS Mildenhall UK BLACK F-15E 4th Wing, SEYMOUR JOHNSON AFB, NC AFB, NC BLACK F-16 31st FW, Aviano, Italy BLACK AT-38C & T-38C 49th FTW/50th FTS Columbus AFB MS BLACKBIRD T-34C, VT-2/TAW-5, NAS Whiting Field FL BLACK CAT Ops CP 67th SOS, RAF Mildenhall BLACK EAGLE E-2C VAW-113, NAS Miramar, CA BLACK GRANITE MONTANA CAP BLACKHAWK 4-3 AVN, AHB Hunter AAF Savannah GA BLACK JACK various, HX-21 NAS Patuxent River MD BLACK JACK Nellis Range Airboss NV BLACK JACK 53rd AS Drop Zone BLACKJACK HH-65C, CGAS Washington (Reagan Nat'l) Wash DC BLACKJACK F/A-18C, VMFA-312 MCAS Beaufort SC BLACK KNIGHT CONTROL AFMC CP, Robins AFB GA BLACK LION F-18F VF-213, CVW-8 NAS OCEANA VA (usually use LION) BLACK LIST Direct Air Support Center - Marine Air Support Squadron 3---29 Palms AGCC, CA BLACK SHEEP AV-8B VMA-214, MCAS Yuma, AZ BLACKSMITH OPS WVA ANG Ops Yeager AF WVA BLACK WIND NAS Miramar, CA BLACKBIRD var VF-45, NAS Key West, FL BLACKJACK HH-65Cs, CGAS Washington (Reagan Nat'l), Wash DC BLACKJACK poss range control Warren Grove MOA NJ BLACKJACK helo, 3-17 Cav Hunter AAF Savannah GA BLACK KNIGHT CONTROL AFMC COMD POST Robins AFB GA BLACK LIST Direct Air Support Center, Marine Air Support Squadron 3, Twentynine Palms MCAGCC BLACK PANTHER BRAVO unid US Army MARS exercise entity BLACKSHEEP US CUSTOMS AIR BRANCH SAN ANGELO TX BLACKSHEEP AV-8B, VMA-214 Yuma AZ BLADE C-17 97TH AMW, ALTUS AFB OK BLADE 2# F-18A VMFA-115, MCAS BEAUFORT SC BLADE UH-1 Warren BLADE MH-53 20th SOS, Hurlburt Field FL BLADE Hercules LTW - RAF Lyneham , UK BLADE UH-72A TRADOC Ft.

BEMA AC-130U 16SOW, 4SOS BENDER A-10 23FW Moody AFB GA BENGAL F-18D VMFA(AW)-224 MCAS BEAUFORT SC BENGAL F-16C/J 79th FS Shaw AFB SC BENGAL P-3C NAS JACKSONVILLE FL BENGAL CH-146, RCAF 439 Sqn CFB Bagotville Quebec BENT C130 NY ANG 106RQW/102RQS Gabreski Field NY BERT 4763 C-130T #164763 USN Blue Angels Demo Team, NAS Pensacola FL BERTA F-16 308th FS Luke AFB AZ BERTH C-130H 7th Wing, Dyess AFB, TX BERRY SW-04 U. Eustis/Felker AAF VA BLADE A-10 303rd Sqdn, 442nd FW; Whiteman AFB MO BLADE F-16C/D 178th FW/162nd FS OH ANG Springfield ANGB, Springfield OH BLADEMAN 28th Wing SOF, Ellsworth AFB, SD BLASTER F/A-18C VFA-34, CVW-2 NAS OCEANAVA BLAY C-17 97TH AMW, Altus AFB OK BLAZE T-1A COLUMBUS AFB MS BLAZER C-130E 43rd OG, Moody AFB GA BLAZER T-45 VT-21/VT-22 NAS Kingsville TX BLEED Indian Springs, Nellis AFB, NV BLINDER C-17A USAF | 60AMW | 21AS Travis AFB CA BLOB E-3B 552nd ACW, Tinker AFB, OK BLOKE E-4B 55th Wing, Offutt AFB, NE Airborne CP BLOND C-130E 23rd Wing, Moody AFB GA BLOND EC-135 552nd ACW, Tinker AFB, OK BLOODHOUND VAR NAS Point Mugu, Pacific Missile Test Center BLOWER F-16CM, 55 FS/20 FW Shaw AFB SC BLOWN B-52 Possible BLUE BOEING FLIGHT TEST, ST.

Reach callsigns suffixes are usually either a mission number or some variation on the aircraft tail number.