The only thing the counterfeit wants to do is have sex with you or get you drunk and have sex with you.If you do not want to engage in sex with the counterfeit, he makes you feel like your expectations are too high.

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Now that you have a full painted picture do you see how the Boaz is different from the counterfeit?

No matter how hard you try you simply cannot make a counterfeit into a Boaz. You have to be able to tell the real from the fake.

You must be able to turn away the counterfeits in order to get to your Boaz.

And like Ruth from the Bible it may mean you have to go into the field, work hard, be focused on what you need for you and your household.

You have to ask yourself are you being a Ruth and are you ready for a Boaz.

You also have to make sure that you are not trying to make a counterfeit into a Boaz.As the story often goes, I really liked this great guy. I was instructed to pray more, trust God, sit by the phone, and wait. And as it turned out, he did finally profess his feelings—to another girl.Our relationship escalated from group hangouts, to study breaks and late-night runs, and from there on to dinners off-campus and formal events. Spending a year of your life swooning over a guy only to discover he never fancied you “that way” can feel like a small death, can’t it?This may mean that your focus has to be taken off finding a man.So the next time that you are asking God Where is my Boaz.When we take a closer, more critical look, we find these rules are not necessarily based in biblical teaching.