Patent examiners are telling attorneys and agents that they have been instructed to reject, creating frivolous rejections if necessary in order to reject.

That is what patent attorneys and agents have been told. The facts support what these examiners have been saying all along, making this far more than some “anecdotal” problem.

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The reopening of cases to issue rejections after a complete reversal by the PTAB is perhaps among the most persuasive evidence that TC 3600 has a reject at all costs policy. The reopening of cases after a complete reversal is just a part of the overall scheme in place in TC 3600.

Supervisors not only won’t authorize the issuance of the patent, but they will reopen prosecution even after a successful appeal to make sure a patent does not issue.

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Sadly, it is all too common for patent examiners in the E-commerce Art Units of Technology Center 3600 to be completely reversed by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). Patent examiners in various E-commerce Art Units have been telling patent attorneys and patent agents for many years that their supervisors require them to issue rejections in all cases, even going as far as to tell attorneys that they have been instructed to come up with ridiculous, bogus, frivolous rejections that clearly have no merit.

Over the years this has caused some examiners to quit, choosing to leave the Patent Office altogether rather than participate in this charade.

Others have requested transfers out to other areas of the Patent Office that do not operate in the same Banana Republic fashion.

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