But since AOL doesn't have chat rooms anymore (I confirmed this with AOL tech support rep, and it was a real bummer), and the last time I used AIM was probably 2012, I found someone to talk to elsewhere online.

I typed "chat" into the AOL search box, and up came a site I'd never heard of before called Chat

Best adult chat aol-14

The rep patiently explained that many websites, like You Tube and Netflix, require a much faster connection.

I guess I won't continue watching that I opened another tab and tried to go to a different site, not thinking that that would slow down my experience even more. And even though reddit was only founded in 2005, and thus not part of my 1995 Internet experience at all, I was desperate to go on a site that would load in a reasonable amount of time. Once it did load, I was too impatient to click on any of the links lest I fall on a site that uses Flash, and I didn't want to be at my neighbor's house using his dial-up connection until 2016.

Should I just drive to a strip club, wait eight hours for it to open, and then see boobs in person??

Now, other than boobs, the main thing I use the Internet for is to connect with other people and/or read angry and disappointed tweets about articles I write.

This loaded much faster than reddit for some reason.

I landed on an "NC-17 rated" bit of fanfic, which I clicked because I thought it was funny a movie rating was assigned to a webpage of text.

And while the apps that have taken its place are objectively better and more useful, this goodbye is still a bittersweet one.

Twenty years ago when I was growing up, I, like everyone else I knew, could only use the Internet by bowing down to AOL’s unbearably long connection time via a dial-up modem. Hearing that then meant I was connected to the rest of the world, or, you know, my friends and randos I met in chat rooms after my parents went to bed.

AOL Instant Messenger is officially offline after 20 years.