They are always hungering for new experiences and new stretches of land.The Chinese Horse personality is forever the extrovert, always in the lime-light and always actively galloping towards his dreams.

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There is a tendency to selfishness, and when present they make no attempt to hide it from those around them.

The Chinese Horse star sign, when dedicated to a job, will complete it with a large amount of competence.

The Horse sign tend to make tempestuous children, rebelling against authority, and carving their own way in the face of their parents’ authority.

Sleeplessness is a problem for them, as they’re always afraid of the next great adventure they may miss.

However, if money is the only thing to be gained by moving up, or if the Horse would be tied to a desk -he won’t make that move just to get the money.

Those born in the Year of the Horse don’t tend to tie themselves into long-term relationships, not due to a fear of commitment, but instead a fear of being insecure or dissatisfied.

That which is rote will drive them mad, but if there is new discoveries to be made, they will be in their element.

Their biggest failing is that they are deeply independent.

They speak openly and honestly, you will always know what Horse is thinking.

The Chinese Horse zodiac’s greatest strength is also their greatest weakness.

They are forever tumultuous, never satisfied being under the thumb of another.