The Barlows might not have the thousands of likes and followers on Instagram (nearly 7,000 each for Alyssa and Lauren, while Rebecca has around half) if people were more aware of the facts and compared three aspects of theology: BG’s former theology, BG’s current theology and true biblical theology.

Theology sure doesn’t seem important to Barlow Girl, and when I mention it to the three sisters, they back away: Rebecca told me to take a hike, Lauren falsely accused me of wrongdoing and Alyssa cowardly quit Twitter after I confronted her multiple times about her sin.

It’s such a hypocritical matter to see the three sisters support some of the vilest work in the secular music industry after spending years to build their CCM music career by crying out against many matters that they touted as sinful: adultery, fornication, pornography, immodesty, and even dating.

Today, this very month, we see Alyssa pouting in the first photograph in this article, yet we are to assume that their purity stance still hasn’t changed after all this time.

POSITIVE: Wow, Barlow Girls are really rare these days.

Good on her for not putting out or dressing like a slag.

Simple: she acts dumb, blocks multiple accounts and refuses to acknowledge the problem.

The lack of closure on this situation has made me very sick.

), had malicious intentions behind my ministry work and so much more.

I’ve put up with Barlow Girl’s family, fans and friends who repeatedly stuck up for the band, no matter how many times they were made aware of the many shortcomings that BG refused to rectify.

I’ve put up with their watered-down doctrine that either diminishes or nullifies the importance of Jesus in their lives.

I’ve put up with the false accusations throughout that time: I supposedly annoyed them to no end, started filthy conversations (Barlows, shall we take a look at your playlists?

They used their knowledge to defend a band of millionaires known as Barlow Girl, not to edify a relatively unknown citizen like myself.