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This website is your headquarters for serial numbers, dating, information and identification of vintage Gibson banjos, both Mastertone and non-Mastertone models.

The Gibson Mastertone banjo set a standard of excellence among four-string players beginning in the jazz era of the 1920s and has been the definitive banjo for bluegrass music ever since five-string virtuoso Earl Scruggs came to prominence as a member of Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys in the 1940s.

Still feels good in your hands and the playability is good. Email me if you would like to reserve one: [email protected] Watch this video and it might make more sense than the written directions that I provided in my Mountain Man Banjo Kits. You have the top and bottom plates, a skin, a tone ring, some tacks and some screws, put them together in the correct order and you have a banjo.

Tags:americana, appalachian banjo, banjo, banjo kit, carverbanjos, clawhammer, diy, diy banjo kit, five string, folk art, foxfire 3, frailing, frank proffitt, fretless, goat skin drum head, gourd, gourd banjo, handmade banjo, homemade banjo Posted in Banjo Updates, Banjos for Sale | Leave a Comment » Well, this picture probably doesn’t make the process look easy. If you have purchased one of these kits and are having trouble with the skin, slow down. I have stocked up on everything needed to prepare another dozen kits. You will need some wood glue to attach the two parts of the neck.

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If you have one of these kits, send me a picture so I can share it here in a future post.