Follow this advice and you're already ahead of 99% of dating-website startups.

A little cunning act that all those demos and lists do to people - they reshape ideas.

We look at them and think "oh, that's nice, I should have that on my site".

Inevitably, you end up with a cookie-cutter installation filled with fancy modules that nobody cares about.

That one was persistent and tarred their reputation quite a bit.

So, Able Dating changed colors and called itself a Chameleon. All those " Chameleon wants you to believe that rainbow templates and 3d-chat plugin would make your site awesome, all for under $300.

It is only after the conversation starts that people are able to share photos and learn more information about the person on the other end. China’s flirting and dating app, Momo, has introduced location-based ads for businesses. Recently the company has partnered with to organize several cruises meant exclusively for single people.

It sounds like a good idea both for businesses (i.e. Offline events are a large part of the deal as well. The mechanics of a dating/matching site can also be used for things other than dating, such as helping find someone by certain criteria, or matching people professionally, and so on. ‘Dating’ site for moms helps young mothers find friends with small children in the neighbourhood. ‘Matching site for musicians‘ promotes collaboration between composers and lyricists, helps musicians meet for jam sessions, etc. ‘Dating’ for householders and nannies/cleaners presents a convenient opportunity for busy parents and people looking for job to meet and establish contact.

You've got to persist in your determination of launching something unique. Something that's focused on one or two use-cases that uphold your idea. Look for the scripts that have fast and stable core features (profiles, user-authentication, messenger, photos) and easily customisable structure. Let's see what dating CMSs are still available and which ones are worth fiddling with.

Then think about how YOU could make them work for your idea. These Russian guys from Yoshkar-Ola have been around for as long as I can remember.

), developer licenses, separate site for custom services, etc, etc. So, I'd suggest skipping all the mumbo-jumbo and talking to their sales rep directly. Again, perhaps it's best to chat with sales rep, ask for the most cost effective "package" and make an offer. End-users aren't impressed with fancy design (not after the first 4 seconds, anyway). Dating Scripts, vld Personals, Socialscript are all doorway sites of one company - vld Interactive.