Ault came up to the varsity team last year for the playoffs and got acclimated with a lot of the players still on the team.

Anyone else missing Age Verification from Dashboard Account.

I know it was there a couple of days ago as I saw it but not there now as shown below.

And from the other recent post, looks like people may be logged off and re-rated if the age verify shows an older age to that input when signing up.

The Account Verification page was also edited today by Linden Lab However, seems account verified can still access Adult.

From now on, to age verify, you must open a ticket and send a photo copy of your legal identification.

This effect is cascading and will, eventually, affect all residents EDIT: Damn this is getting confusing: Grid Status: Age Verification Error[Posted pm PDT, 09 July 2012] We are aware that there are some issues with trying to access restricted areas of the grid. :smileysad: Oh, and Rolig just posted additional info in the other thread.

When she was 12, Ault was just as tall as her 16-year-old sister.

There was no real growth spurt, as she says."It's pretty much the whole life, my whole life I've been really tall. As Foothill dives into a brutally tough league schedule this year, the Cougars come into games with a mix of experience and youth.

Foothill High School volleyball team members Ashley Lanzi, from left, Zoey Bishop, Carson Tarabochia-Martin, Sarah Ault, Jennifer Troxclair, Jenna Kritzer, and Kendall Renelle huddle up after practice Wednesday at the school in Palo Cedro.

Sarah Ault stands at 6 feet, 1 inch tall, which makes sense once you see that her dad is around 6-foot-7.

I can’t review this game without talking about Rocket League’s quick chat system. This was about the last thing I expected when I fired up Rocket League. Mike Ault (sound design for Rocket League) does a great job with the whole soundtrack. Psyonix will add variants to the two existing maps this month with the Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC Pack. It’s DLC done right, and even AAA publishers are getting behind it (Destiny, Halo 5, Rainbow Six).