This way, we are pretty sure that the different ways we will look at sex horoscopes may reveal quite a lot about sexual compatibility.

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For instance, characters like ':', '.', ' ', '#' and '@' will appear in the resulting time text even they are not embraced within single quotes.

A pattern containing any invalid pattern letter will result in a thrown exception during formatting.

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Astro Date includes an ISO 8601 parser as one means of setting the date and time, other methods will be available, ie. As with ISO 8601 and the Proleptic calendars, Astronomical year numbering will be used for input and so have a year zero.

Outputs may be formated to use either Astronomical year numbering or Calendar Era numbering, ie. It is not intended for Astro Date to be a generic date parser and handle formats like .

However, we understand that lay people may find real astrology way too complicated (and believe us, it is!

) to understand and that's why we will try to give you some insight into the individual zodiac signs in love.

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For dates beyond the normal range and Javascript's limited number arithmetic, it is necessary to do the Math using arbitrary-precision arithmetic, Big is the library chosen for this.