True to her father’s wishes, she graduated from the University of Toronto’s prestigious pharmacology program and went on to work at a blood-testing lab at Sick Kids hospital.

For a while, Jennifer Pan’s parents regarded her as their “golden” child.

The young Canadian woman, who lived in the city of Markham just north of Toronto, was a straight A student at a Catholic school who won scholarships and early acceptance to college.

Bich and Hann had raised Jennifer and her brother, Felix, to believe in the supreme importance of academic success, and they restricted their activities to ensure nothing less.

Pan, whose high school life included numerous extracurricular activities, like figure skating, piano, martial arts and swimming, in addition to long nights studying, was forbidden from attending parties of any kind. In their Markham home, they had trophy cases displaying Pan’s many awards. No more clandestine dates with her boyfriend, Daniel Wong.

So Jennifer continued to doctor her report cards throughout high school.

She received early acceptance” to Ryerson University in Toronto, “but then failed calculus in her final year and wasn’t able to graduate. Desperate to keep her parents from digging into her high school records, she lied and said she’d be starting at Ryerson in the fall.Ultimately, Ho wrote, Pan’s parents finally got suspicious, began tailing her and learned the truth.When she confessed her deceptions, life in the Pan household quickly began to unravel.When Pan’s parents learned that all of their efforts had been for naught, they placed further restrictions on their now-adult daughter. While she eventually gained more freedom, Pan stayed angry.She thought about how much better her life would be without her parents.She failed to graduate from high school, let alone the University of Toronto, as she had told her parents.