The problem is that they hope their children look white, and express disappointment when they look too Asian – leading to biracial Asian children being raised by literal white supremacists. They’re murderous, criminal, thieving, lying bastards. Below is a link to one of his You Tube videos in which he talks about the importance of preserving the white race through white nationalism (without mixing with Slavs and Mediterranean Peoples). time_continue=4606&v=Sc MAYTAIR8MBritish immigrants fit in here very well. New Zealand values are British values, derived from centuries of struggle since Magna Carta. The book was heavily publicized as it was released, just after the death of Herrnstein.

The list of alt-rightists, or Nazis, or general racists with Asian girlfriends or wives. In the first several months of its release, 400,000 copies of the book were sold around the world.

Much of the male’s flaws do not become apparent until later in life; yet Asian women are seen as an “antithesis” to the high standards of White women.

I.e., White women are viewed as not operating in accordance with the white man’s motives; so, whereby, Asian women, by virtue of wanting whiter children, and to escape the Gilded Ghetto / Model Minority second class citizenship, are .

It’s hard to argue that Bobby Fischer was not a creep, because Bobby Fischer was a creep, and alienated virtually any friend, associate, or family member with a ceaseless combination of egregiously selfish behavior and an irrational antisemitism that bordered on maniacal. Since the book provided statistical data supporting the assertion that blacks were, on average, less intelligent than whites, some people have feared that The Bell Curve could be used by extremists to justify genocide and hate crimes.

He was a Holocaust denier, kept boxes of Nazi propaganda, and on 9/11 he took this to the airwaves, via a public broadcast in the Philippines: “I say death to President Bush! Much of the work referenced by The Bell Curve was funded by the Pioneer Fund, which aims to advance the scientific study of heredity and human differences, and has been accused of promoting scientific racism.

It gives them a sense of control to be able to feel “bigger” than Asian men, and be able to be as racist and anti-social as they want, while being “married.” The children of White men and Asian women will be high risk, being told that they are white by their mothers (which is never true), being encouraged to embrace white privilege by their pragmatist, cold blooded Asian parental figure, being mocked for their Asianness by their White fathers (who, for their entire marriage secretly hope for a White woman to come along), who hoped for their children to be white passing and to avoid any and all liberal nonsense about white privilege or SJW’s, and being mocked by White men and Asian women couples that parade around by the millions, pretending they are saving the world from blacks, minorities, immigration, SJWs, and whatever.

Where did Elliot Rodger – a half Chinese boy who hated black boys (called them the descendants of slaves), Hispanics, and Asian men – come from?In case you’ve never noticed, the majority of Half Asians are wildly arrogant and racist, despite never having accomplished anything of note; most of them brag about being half-Asian (despite the majority looking Asian as hell), which is something that no other group of mixed-race people does – and the only reason they do so is because they are insecure about their Asian heritage, because the overwhelming majority of us have white fathers.In short: Asian women are the siegebreakers for White feminism, multiculturalism, and “anti-white” politics, that white men see as the answer for taking back the power that was “stolen” from them (but in actuality was just more evenly distributed).White men can escape “emasculation” by non-white men and white women, by “taking the power back” with Asian women, who want whiter children, and hate Asianness, and are unable to understand the cultural gap that makes the white male’s political views foreign to her.They oftentimes, as a result, marry men like my father; antisocial, prickly, racist and extremely conservative, physically unattractive white men, and whether they intend to after childbirth is still something I’m not sure of, given that many Japanese women kidnap their children back to Japan, and my mother, for example, started severely chastising and alienating my father after my brother and I were born, due to his political beliefs, unwillingness to work, and his general all-around awkwardness and autism.In fact the entire gist of White male / Asian women relationships is that those (in many cases, one with white skin) – than he would within his own race. Now, your time is coming.”Fischer added that the events of September 11 provided the ideal opportunity to stage a long-overdue coup d’état.