Nowadays, affairs are common in any Soap Opera and turn up an awful lot in other types of story as well.We don't really a fictional husband and wife to stay faithful to each other for forty or so years.This is mostly a film/literature phenomenon: TV mostly avoids this, as how great or awful a series is tends to become clear during its longer run (or at least a few years later on DVD).

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A few rules usually hold true in fiction: If a woman cheats, her paramour just scored a victory over her cuckolded husband, who is now permanently dishonored.

The (male) big boss of any given workplace is likely to be two-timing his wife.

Unfortunately, adultery is Truth in Television, as many broken hearts and broken families will testify.

It is also one of the most common reasons that people murder each other. This is generally the #7 scenario of Triang Relations.

For extra scumbag points, he may be keeping Carol similarly in the dark about Alice.

Chances are he'll eventually get caught; if he didn't, the story wouldn't have the same dramatic impact. Way back in the day, when marriage was considered permanent and divorce was a word whispered fearfully by gossiping old ladies, The Affair was a shocker of a storyline, and very often an automatic Moral Event Horizon for the cheating partner.Perhaps things haven't been going so well with Alice for some time.Maybe they just had a major fight and Bob stormed off.Or maybe his marriage is perfectly healthy, and Bob has no excuse.Whatever the reason, Bob flirts with Carol, which eventually leads to a sexual or romantic relationship and the various things that entails.Most of us recognize this type of plot: Bob is married to Alice.