At a certain stage of the split between material, physical labour, on the one hand, and mental, intellectual labour, on the other hand, emerge the distinction between the city and the countryside.

This was first noted during the Neolithic, alongside waterways and rivers.

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Once “Thought” appears to lead an independent existence, separate from “Practice”, an illusion created by the division of labour, thinkers become specialized, thinking in silos, called universities, research institutes, think-tanks –there, individual thinkers spin off all sorts of cobwebs in their minds and literature, cobwebs which become more and more difficult for the average person in society to understand (Engels, Frederick, “Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy”, Marx and Engels, Selected Works, Volume 3, Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1970, pp.

337-376; also Engels’ letters to Bloch, Schmidt, Mehring, Ibid., pp.

Africans, Europeans, Arabs, Jews, Chinese, Indians, all Asians, the peoples of North and South America, the Caribbean, the Oceanic peoples –are all brothers and sisters long lost to one another.

The word to every individual in the world is the following: when you write about Africa, or about Africans, you are writing about YOURSELF!

This was a World-View of common African people formulated centuries before “Thought” and “Practice” were split and seemingly led separate lives in the West (Kunene, Mazisi, “The Relevance of African Cosmological Systems to African Literature Today”, African Literature Today, No. 190-205; Kunene, Mazisi, “Misconceptions About African Cosmological systems”, Introduction to Anthem of The Decades, London, Heinemann, 1981, pp. “UBUNTU” existed centuries before the emergence of “philosophy” in Western society: I submit, therefore, that “UBUNTU” does not qualify as a specialist subject called “philosophy”, to be the preoccupation of Western intellectuals as they do when they preoccupy themselves with specialist subjects like existentialism, liberalism, economics, or 19th century German philosophy.

To make this point clear, let us look at the history of Africa and of African communities.Perhaps, the missing, greatest, epic, on Africa and the rest of Humankind, may begin thus: “Sing, Oh Ancestors and Goddess Nomkhubulwana, the story of Africa and Humankind; Sing, Ancestors and Goddess Nomkhubulwana, the story of Mother Africa; How Africa gave birth to Humankind; How this Lady, Mother Africa, raised and nurtured infant Humankind; How Mother Africa gave strength, culture, knowledge of Goddesses and Gods, and knowledge of good and evil; How Mother Africa gave Drum, Dance, Voice, Laughter, Music and Play, to Humankind; Sing, Oh Ancestors and Goddess Nomkhubulwana, the untold story of Mother Africa and Humankind; How some of her children-grown-to-adulthood, left Mother Africa for distant corners and far regions of the World; and there changed skin colour, hair, and size of nose, and lips. W., “Africa and Humankind”, That, Brothers and Sisters, may be the beginning of that missing epic story of Humankind.Sing, Oh Ancestors and Goddess Nomkhubulwana, how some of these children-grown-to-adulthood, having forgotten their original relationship with Mother Africa, came back, abused, heaped contempt, and violated Their own Mother, and, like maddened Ajax, chained, drew blood, killed, and took their own brothers and sisters to be slaves in distant lands; Sing, Oh Ancestors and Goddess Nomkhubulwana, how this act became poison And Curse on the minds and souls of all Humankind; Sing, Ancestors and Goddess Nomkhubulwana, how redemption, renewal, and regeneration of all Humankind shall fail and be naught, until Mother Africa is restored to Her place of Honour as the Mother of Humankind, and how the African is the first brother and sister, and first cousin, of all peoples of the World. That void, I must say, is a challenge to African writers and to World literature. This is the methodological and moral injunction which should guide us all within Africa itself, in the work of all individuals and communities within the Continent; as well as a methodological and moral injunction which should guide the peoples of the rest of the world in their relationship with Africa. IMPORTANT: Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U. Before participating in a study, talk to your health care provider and learn about the risks and potential benefits.The modern world and Africa today have a schizophrenic relationship with one another.