Buy well-built, solid wood cabinets in good condition.Avoid pieces with missing doors, drawer fronts and the like.

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If a price is too high, make a counteroffer and be prepared to walk away if it's not accepted.

Ask the dealer if he guarantees the item as described, and get a receipt with item details. in history from the University of Maryland and has training experience in finance, garden center retailing and teaching English as a second language.

Sometimes, though, you'll need to use a bit more discernment.

Late 19th- and early 20th-century cabinets were wide enough to accommodate the bowl and pitcher, as well as miscellaneous toiletries.

Every house had at least one, so antique washstands abound and you can find them at antique stores, flea markets and yard sales.

Separating the genuine antique from a newer copy is usually a straightforward task.

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Mission pieces, dating from about 1900 to 1930, are straight-lined and boxy with with no surface decoration. Once these cabinets outlived their usefulness, many were relegated to attics and guest rooms.

Washstands from earlier periods, about 1820 and before, were actually not cabinets at all.

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