In 1999, the greatest country music singer released a new album and a new single. It wasn’t his biggest hit on the charts, but that didn’t take away from the impact the song had on audiences.

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The two were right and the song quickly climbed to the top of the charts in 1995.

Herndon would have a few more hits before falling into some hard times later in his career.

It’s usually difficult for bands to overcome the loss of a distinguishing part success, but Restless Heart had what is their biggest hit.

The melodies were still there and the song still sounds great today.

The song had been a minor hit for Kenny Rogers years earlier, but the song belongs to Supernaw.

In years since his stardom Doug has slipped into a real life Crazy Heart story…The tune is about a guy that loses the love of his life. He sees all the things that her new love does and he wonders why he couldn’t do those simple things to make her stay.The song remains a favorite on country radio due to its catchy melodies and recognizable story. Even though his career as slowed down and he’s had some legal issues, Stone continues recording and touring for the love of the music.He’s back now recording and touring and seems to be very happy with his life.If there is a signature song for the great Pam Tillis it has to be the passionate .The title track made it all the way to number one as the second single off the record. Tracy Lawrence could deliver a song in the vein of traditional country artists from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The two debated about the song thinking it may have too many words to become a hit.