It's also recommended that you always backup your database in c Panel prior to making any database modifications directly.

wp_set_password('password','admin'); In this example, we're setting the password to password, and we're updating it for the user admin, if your admin user has a different username you'll want to be sure to use that. this is my blog: https:// it was made by Word Press.

This will allow you to install Word Press as a new installation (with no content related to your previous "controversial blogs").

Then, you can create a new username, password, and email address for the administrator and begin building the new website.

You can directly change your Word Press password in the database using php My Admin if you forgot it.

You should only use this method if you're comfortable with working with databases in this fashion.

Word Press will not provide you information on login access as this is a security issue. I changed wordpress password, but it only lets me to log in using it the first time i do it.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Then it doesnt work and tells me that aither my password or user name is wrong. Hi, I've tried the emergency reset stage to trying to reset my WP password and it still doesn't work!

If you have ever lost or forgot your password to access the Word Press dashboard, it can be very frustrating.

Luckily Word Press provides quite a few options to reset or change your Word Press password.

If you were given a website to manage, then you will need to speak with the person who gave the site to you in order to obtain the proper access.

They can easily modify your user so that it is an Administrator, Editor, or Contributor, as per the role that is required.

Typically, you only need to change your Word Press password in c Panel if you are no matter what i do and have had tried numerous times with reset password links etc i cannot log in help please when i type a password in that registers strong on the indicator it comes up that i must type in a password that is strong ? You will then see the users listed with email addresses.