The first season had five special episodes, with some airing after select episodes.

Several after hours specials have aired on MTV following select episodes along with various specials.

But when tensions boil over, she is left at home -- alone and brokenhearted -- while he gets crazy at the club.

Angelina swallows her pride and apologizes to the girls.

And what started with Mike and Sammi turns into a love triangle that threatens to divide the house.

When Mike invites girls back to the house, the situation gets out of control, and Snooki gets into her second fight of the summer.

For Season 2, the After Hours specials were expanded to one hour and received Top 15 Weekly Cable ratings.

Like season 1, this season featured special episodes titled Jersey Shore: Hook-Up.The end of each season has been accompanied by a reunion show.Also a number of after-show internet specials titled "Jersey Shore: Hook-Up" hosted by Kenny Santucci have been released on after select episodes.She graduated from West Jefferson High School in Harvey, Louisiana. After growing up in New Orleans, she launched her career in Dallas, Texas, as a host on the city’s premier urban radio station, 97.9 The Beat.Here, Rocsi cultivated a unique, street-smart style that caught the attention of Boston’s Hot 97.7, where she later became a DJ.Summer at the Jersey Shore kicks off when eight soon-to-be roommates move into their summer share.