When my BF and I first met, he was even scared to tell me he thought Mila Kunis was cute. Source: Shutter Stock If he takes you out on dates in public places, that's a big sign that you're dating.

Online Facebook steamy message flirting was basically all I had. I wasn't sure about it at first but after we started spending time together and getting to know each other I realize I made a good decision by giving him a chance.

than me and I'll say he treated me way better than the guy I dated was 5 years older than me.

Source: Shutter Stock If he's introduced you to his parents and siblings, that's almost a guarantee that you're dating - especially if you've had dinner with them or something like that.

No guy, or girl, is going to introduce a random hookup to their family with any kind of importance.

Source: Shutter Stock Are you confused about whether or not you’re dating someone right now?

If you are a man seeking an attractive younger woman or a young woman who feels she is not getting as much out of life as she would hope, then Age might be just the place for you! I can't help but wonder if there is a reason why I haven't. I was married to a man who was 1 year and 10 months younger than I, and it was the most miserable 20 years of my existence. Currently, I am dating a man 18 years younger than I and it's been really good so far. There are so many things I admire about my younger lover. I look much much younger than I am so I get hit on by men of all ages, but I seem to have a sweet spot with men about 8-12 years younger than I am. I didn't dare to ask his age till few month dating. its been a long time since i and my ex we been break up.

Source: Shutter Stock Yes, there are some relationships out there that happen after sex on a first date.

But a lot of guys will wait to make a move when they really like a girl, because they want to show her how serious they are about the whole thing.

And it doesn't count if it's just him pulling you through the living room saying, "Mom this is Jess, Jess mom, bye." Source: Shutter Stock PDA almost only happens when you're legit dating.

A guy isn't going to go out in public and hug and kiss and act cute with a girl he only sees as a hookup.

If he reaches to hold your hand while you're walking or kisses you in front of everyone, that's a pretty good sign that he's dating you. Source: Shutter Stock If he's confiding in you and telling you secrets about him or spilling about his dreams, it probably means you're dating.