After the interview Alice fessed up that it was true, she and Cope were banging (to use the parlance of our times) and she was sporting a rock on her finger that wasn’t cubic zirconium.

But the goat sounds a bit like the chicken that helped to make Alice Cooper Alice Cooper. "I threw it at the audience," he tells me, "the audience threw it back and the next day in the paper I read that I'd killed the chicken.

It was thrown on stage in 1969, when Alice Cooper was the name of a band and Vincent Furnier was its lead singer. I thought, well, the deed's been done, and people love it.

[on the bad thing about Twitter] It can be a cowardly way to be cruel to people. I will never understand why somebody would take their computer or their phone and their time, whatever it is, 140 characters or whatever - even the energy to type with your hand - and choose to use all that to say something nasty about somebody else.

At the Bloodstock festival, which he has just been to, everyone, he says, was talking about a goat.

Carrie conducted the interview as she and Alice had met before and had good rapport.

On mic Alice wouldn’t admit to Carrie’s probing questions about her and Cope having a relationship and being engaged.That’s the day they both rolled into the WRNR studios.Cope went outside to “smoke” and Alice promoted her new album and upcoming Rams Head On Stage show with an interview and performance."The story," he says, with a smile that shows his big, white, even teeth, "is that someone's sacrificed a goat in their dressing room.And I," he says, and his smile gets bigger, "am going, 'why wouldn't you do that on stage? The goat was actually just a goat's head, from a local butcher's. Vincent Furnier, who has called himself Alice Cooper since the band broke up, didn't actually bite the head off the chicken.In terms of our relationship nothing is fucked here…