And there are some adult children who see a parent’s new relationship as a threat: That “new partner” is just after their money.

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Writing an effective profile is necessary for online dating.

Think of your profile as the first step of the relationship you're seeking. Potential dates will skip over a profile they don't like.

This can be frustrating, but what you need to realize this may be stemming from your own behaviors that lead to a break up.

If you take a look at some recent data, you may be surprised to know that more than 25 million Baby Boomers and sneior citizens who are currently single, and this is quite a number!

Many single women over 50 think that online dating is difficult. Remember those butterflies you had in your stomach back in the day? You'll be surprised to find out that very few things have changed since then.

Just because you turn 50 doesn’t mean your dating life stops.Many elderly people have become more dependent on nursing homes, long-term care or assisted living facilities, and hired help in their own homes.However, some do move in with their adult children.It can certainly add a challenge when you’re dating...If you’re a senior and you’re back on the dating scene, you may be out of practice and unsure of what to do now that you’re dating again and this is totally normal. When you are with someone for a long time, and are in a serious and committed relationship, then it may be a logical follow through to consider marriage. This can be quite an adjustment for both children and their parents—especially as the elderly experience some of the frailties common with aging.