Levels C through Intermediate , ages 10 -17 Dancers continue to work on the fundamentals of classical ballet technique while learning steps and combinations of increasing difficulty.

Third Division dancers are strongly encouraged to study at least three days per week.

You may visit our Studio News and Alumni Page to see where our Pre-Professional SBS graduates are now.

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All Pointe classes must be preceded by a Ballet Technique class.

Conservatory I dancers are required to take a minimum of three Ballet Technique classes per week, and are strongly encouraged to take Hip Hop and Character. We encourage Conservatory II and Advanced/Pre-Professional to take advantage of Stretch/Tone and Contemporary as well as to participate in Concertdance and The Nutcracker.

We encourage all our dancers in Level B to take at least two classes per week.

Dress code, Girls: tank-style black leotard, pink tights and slippers, long hair in a neat bun, short hair in a headband away from the face. Boys: White t-shirt, socks, and shoes, black tights or shorts.

Pre-Professional dancers are encouraged to take advantage of Pointe/Variations, Modern, Contemporary, Stretch/Tone, and Concertdance.

On days when no Pointe class is scheduled, Pointe will be incorporated into the technique class.

Pre-professional dancers are expected to take class on a daily basis.

However, we recognize the importance of academics, and suggest that you discuss your training program with Ms. New students must be evaluated by a faculty member before being admitted to this level.

Conservatory and Pre-Professional Division, ages 10-17 The Scarsdale Ballet Studio offers unique opportunities for very committed ballet students who wish to make dance their primary after-school activity.

Conservatory and Pre-Professional Dancers may aspire to a professional career in dance or plan to pursue their dance studies in college. Our Conservatory dancers are consistently accepted into the most prestigious summer dance intensives.

All Pointe classes must be approved by a teacher or the Director prior to registration. I, and Intermediate dancers, who must be at least 10 years old and taking a minimum of two ballet technique classes per week.