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Eventu- ally, through the sheriffs influence, the two boxes were entrusted to us for perusal, and but a little examination served to show that they were the Reay Charter Chests, or at least a portion of them. By far the larger part of the book is taken up with these interesting extracts. Its chief interest lay in that it gave a very different account of the early genealogy of the Mac Kays from that given by Sir Robert Gordon. account ; but neither is there any reference made to, or use made of, the Reay Papers.

The documents include charters and copies of charters, bonds of friendship, records of transfers of lands, marriage settlements, wadsetts, rent-rolls, etc. Sir Robert says that a certain Walter Forbes was progenitor of the Mac Kays, but the Blk. It does not seem that Eric Lord Reay gave much, if any, assistance to the author of the House and Clan of Mac Kay by setting at his disposal family papers, and the reason INTRODUCTORY is not far to seek. Sandwood Mackays, genealogical account of, 329 seq. Scots brigade in Holland, 164, 165 ; Mackays and it, 166 n, 195. Seaforth and the covenanters, 138 ; renounces wadset of Skelpick, 42S ; bond of, with Reay, 431.

I am deeply indebted to Lord Reay, Chief of Mackay, and to the Rev. James Aberigh Mackay, Chieftain of the Aberach Mackays, for their encouragement generally, and particularly for their influential letters commending this work, which appeared in the prospectus issued soliciting subscribers. Thanks are also due to the following for the use of portraits and illustrations, viz., Lord Reay ; Rev. have been published, shedding light upon our subject. Sinclairs enraged at Mackays, 126 ; get letters of fire and sword, 154 ; blunder and suffer, 155.

The list of subscribers printed at the end of the book owes not a little of its length to these two letters. of Melsetter ; William Mackay, Esqr., solicitor, Inverness ; A. Macaulay, Esqr., solicitor, Golspie ; John Mackay, Esqr., editor of the Celtic Monthly, Glasgow ; and the Rev. National documents, which could then be only consulted in MS.

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Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2012 with funding from National Library of Scotland OOmack DONALD JAMES, 11th LORD REAY. In this fashion the pile of notes continued to grow year by year. Aberigh Mackay ; the Council of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland ; Messrs J. When he wrote the field of Highland family history was practically fallow, and he had to pick his way over the ground very much under the guidance of Sir Robert Gordon, whose partisan spirit often roused his ire. Various valuable books have been compiled, and many important old books in MS.

To those who take an interest in our northern history, social development, or place-names, the Reay Papers should prove of no little value. Although the idea of writing this book was not seriously entertained until after the discovery of the Reay Papers in 1900, I began to accumulate material, genealogical and otherwise, as early as 1878, when a student at St. After my settlement at Westerdale, the distance from a large library was felt, but I generally managed to get a fortnight's holiday to Edinburgh each year, and spent it working at the Advocates' Library ; while kind friends in the south very generously lent rue from time to time books of reference for study at home. His genealogical account of the various branches of the Mac Kay family, though somewhat brief and lacking in dates, is wonderfully accurate so far as it goes.

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