The Red Roof Inn at 415 Stanton Christiana Road was one of the sites of a state police sting operation in January that targeted human trafficking and prostitution.

About 40 people were arrested during the two-day operation at five locations.

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"Anybody that knows anything at all about trafficking domestically knows that Backpage is a major hotbed for trafficking activity," Schlabach said.

"It's common knowledge." As many as 300,000 children are at risk for sexual exploitation each year in the United States, according to Justice Department estimates.

These include: Leeward Holdings LLC; Camarillo Holdings LLC; Dartmoor Holdings LLC; IC Holdings LLC; Website Technologies LLC; and New Times Media LLC.

Facing pressure from open government advocates after a string of Delaware LLC-linked scandals, Bullock's office tweaked a policy last year that would require the First State's 1.3 million business entities to be regularly screened against a federal database of terrorists, international drug traffickers and more.

"We don't have the legal authority" to dissolve the company, Bullock said this week.

"I wish we did." Denn's hands similarly are tied because Backpage doesn't have a physical presence in the First State and courts have consistently ruled that federal law protects Backpage and other websites against civil or criminal sanctions stemming from the content of their users' posts, a Department of Justice spokesman said. John Mc Cain, for making it "easier to buy a child" than a sofa or a motorcycle, has thrived in prostitution hubs along I-95.

An online classifieds site, skewered by a Senate subcommittee last year for "knowingly" facilitating prostitution and child sex trafficking, is a registered limited liability company in "good standing" in Delaware, according to state records., which is involved in nearly three-quarters of the 10,000 child-trafficking reports received annually by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and has been sued repeatedly by state prosecutors, sex trafficking survivors and victims' advocacy groups, is currently meeting all requirements for a business entity outlined in Delaware law, according to Secretary of State Jeff Bullock and Attorney General Matt Denn.

Last year, undercover detectives on Backpage ensnared a prominent Boston minister, who was caught soliciting a prostitute among other would-be johns.